The CalBX Virtual Plan Room

Save time by subscribing to our Virtual Plan Room online planroom service.  The Virtual Plan Room makes bidding more efficient, more productive and more profitable.  Find jobs around the corner or around the State.

  • See the scope, documents, addenda, location and owners.  Find out who else is looking at the plans.
  • Do online takeoffs using free software-based measuring tools.
  • Get contact information for bidding General Contractors and subcontractors.
  • Short trades?  Use our California Bidders Directory or contact the trades looking at the job.
  • Filter Statewide jobs bidding by type, geography, size… whatever you need.
  • Highest standards in the industry for posting documents and addenda.

Plus — The convenience of working from your own office.
The Virtual Plan Room is centralized for all Builders Exchange members and subscribers Statewide through CalBX.
You can get a free trial of the plan room to see how easy the software is to use. 

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