Camp Fire

Our thoughts and hearts are with our community as so many are affected by the devastation of the Camp Fire.  We pray for the safe recovery of those still missing and share the sadness of what has been lost.  The community, both local and far-reaching, has shown amazing compassion and strength in their support of the fire victims.  Keep Strong!

You will find a variety of links on our Camp Fire Resources PageWe’ll try to stay updated as best we can.

As we move into the recovery and rebuilding, we will keep in touch with resources, trainings and referrals.  Stay tuned…

Local Assistance Center (LAC)

A Local Assistance Center (LAC) has opened at the Chico Mall, 1982 E. 20th Street, in the old Sears location.

Local, state, and federal agencies along with community organizations will assemble to answer questions about disaster assistance.

Residents will be able to access information about homeowner’s insurance, steps to rebuild, how to identify personal items, the status of utilities, community and social services, and getting new documents that may have burned in the fire, among other resources.

A joint State-FEMA Disaster Recovery Center will be co-located at the Local Assistance Center which will allow residents to register with FEMA for federal disaster assistance.  Officials said it is not necessary to visit a center to register for and receive federal disaster assistance. If possible, victims should register with FEMA before visiting a recovery center.

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