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The Online Planroom is a members-only service.  Interested in subscribing to the Online Planroom? Call us at (530) 343-1981 or email Carrie.

 NEW!  Public Works Registration Fee.  Contractors shown on bid lists for public works must be Registered with the Dept of Industrial Relations (DIR).  The $300 Registration Fee is used by DIR to monitor adherence to public works labor law. This is an annual fee.  In this first year, fees must be paid by early 2015, but will be due again by July 1, 2015.  Click here to register and/or find out more

Contractors Are Talking About...

  Action Alert!  Proposed changes to the heat illness prevention regulation ratchets up employer & supervisor requirements.  The Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board (Cal/OSHA) needs to hear from you about what they have proposed.  Click here to go to our special webpage on this draft.  Just a few of the proposed new regulations:  

   *  NEW:  Water must be "fresh, pure and suitably cool". 
The current standard of "Potable" (drinkable) can be defined.  Try defining "fresh, pure and suitably cool"
   *  NEW: High heat procedures are triggered at 85 degrees.
Shade must be up at 80 degrees.
    *  NEW:  If a supervisor observes, or any employee reports, any signs of symptoms of heat illness in any employee, the supervisor shall (will, must) take immediate action commensurate with the severity of the illness.  (Signs include headache, muscle ache, fatigue...)  Contractors will need to perform medical assessments as well as be skilled trades people and run a business.
Cal/OSHA says these changes will only cost $155:  $55 for a new cooler and $100 for a new pop-up.  True or False?

Employers, supervisors and workers need to educate the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board about the facts.  Click here to find out how.


Industry-wide Impact:  Non-residential (new and major remodel) Certificate of Occupancy now requires a certified Acceptance Test Technician (ATT)
test and sign off on the following:  Automatic Daylighting controls (test time 1.5 to 4 hours), Auto Time Switches (test time 2.5 to 8 hours), Occupant Sensors (test time 45 min to 1.5 hours), Demand Response Controls (test time 45 min to 1.5 hours) and Outdoor Lighting Shut-off Controls (test time 1-4 hours).  (No Certified ATT, no finalizing your permit; owner doesn't move in, you don't get paid.)  From energy code chapter on Acceptance Testing - click to view.
 ** Where can you get training?  1)  Calif Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program (CALCTP), a coalition of IBEW, the CEC, Utilities, Comm Colleges and Electrical Mfgrs.  www.calctp.org.    2)  National Lighting Contractors Association of America (NLCAA), which is a training  provider for lighting control Certified Electricians and Electrician Trainees and is not affiliated with any union.  www.nlcaa.org, www.californiaelectricaltraining.com.

  ** Where can you get certified?  Only CALCTP as of today.  NLCAA was recommended for approval at the last CEC meeting, but CALCTP is challenging the approval.
C-10s and Certified Electricians - if you haven't done Lighting Controls Test Technician training, time to get started!  Click here to learn more about Acceptance Test Technicians.


Looking for workers in the Chico area? 
Chico Youthbuild graduated its first class of students with entry-level construction skills.  There graduates are ready to be hired for work!  You can get in touch with them by talking to their teachers, Jerry Joiner or Jack Rodgers.  Call VCE for their phone numbers: 343-1981.

Looking for work? 
Local contractors are hiring. Superintendent, framers, laborers, and more... Click Here to go to our employment page and see what's available. 

New Energy codes are causing some headaches with building departments and contractors and designers. And owners.  it will be tough going for a while as the codes are applied to real building   Work together with the building department staff and their management.  We're all in this together. 
   *** Here is some online training to learn the 2013 Energy codes:  www.energycodeace.com, www.energy.ca.gov/title24/

Contractors - State Fund workers comp makes your job easier.  Through VCE you get the resources to make your job site safer.  If an accident does happen, State Fund keeps it simple for you.  Then helps get the employee back-to-work.
  • Ask your broker to get a quote.  VCE members can qualify for an additional 6% discount.  Tell them you are a member of Valley Contractors Exchange, State Fund Construction Group #272. 

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The VALLEY CONTRACTORS EXCHANGE (VCE) is a member-operated, non-profit association of contractors and construction professionals.  VCE provides members with access to bidding documents, industry education, safety training and construction resources.  Learn more... 

Online Plans!  Construction bidding documents for construction projects in Northern California!  Easy to use online software - internet based, bid on over 2,000 jobs each year.

Use our RESOURCES page for information on how to successfully run a construction business:  contracts, bidding, hiring, diesel engine regulations,stormwater prevention plans, construction regulations and more. 

CONSTRUCTION SAFETY page is dedicated to keeping workers safe.

The page titled  BUILDING CODES AND "GREEN"  directs you to the latest on updated building codes, resources for Energy Efficiency contracting and the latest on codes that change every 3 years.  The worst way to find out a code changed is having the building inspector require a do-over...   

Homeowners can
FIND A CONTRACTOR by type of work.  Always use licensed contractors! Members work in the Northstate: Chico, Oroville, Paradise, Yuba City, Marysville, Butte County, Yuba and Sutter Counties, Colusa, Glenn and Plumas Counties.

Don't miss our EVENTS AND TRAINING - always open to members and non-members.  Members benefit from a discounted cost. 

NEED BIDS?  List a project with VCE for FREE!  Looking for work to bid?  We do the footwork for you by compiling blueprints, spec books, addenda, memos, prime contractors and bid results all in one place.  Check out our list of jobs bidding in Northern California (use the link above). 

Jobs, safety topics, construction news and more is found in our WEEKLY NEWSLINE.  Non-members can purchase the Weekly Newsline for $10 per week.

Need something not listed here?  We probably do that, too!  Give us a call, 530-343-1981. 

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Joining the Exchange is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  Click to download Membership and/or Online Planroom forms, or give us a call Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm at 530-343-1981.  See our Member Benefits page for more information.

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  3. Include our Specialty Listing, designating the type of work you want to be referred for, and are able to perform in a single-trade contract.

State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF)

VCE endorses State Compensation Insurance Fund™ for workers comp insurance and supports its efforts to maintain construction site safety. 
Find out more at

Golden State Builders Exchanges (GSBE)
VCE is a proud member of the Golden State Builders Exchanges.   For more info on GSBE, click here.

Working Together For the Enhancement of the Construction Industry.

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VCE's Online Planroom is always open.  Bidding documents cover the North State of California 

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